Expotechnik Headshots

Expotechnik-Headshots-01 Expotechnik-Headshots-02 Expotechnik-Headshots-03 Expotechnik-Headshots-04 Expotechnik-Headshots-05 Expotechnik-Headshots-06 Expotechnik-Headshots-07 Expotechnik-Headshots-08


When this gig popped up on my radar, I was a little nervous. This was my first big head shot gig, something I had wanted for a while. I knew I was able to handle it, just the nervousness of setting out in a new direction is a little scary. This company couldn’t have been more fun to work with, they were just great. I was very excited about handling all their head shot needs.


Behind The Scenes:

BTS-Expo02 BTS-Expo01 BTS-Expo03 BTS-Expo04

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