In The End

I am very proud of this project. The original plan for this was to be a short film, something in the 7-10 minute range with spoken dialogue and beautiful locations. William talked me into using this story for his song In The End, by his band One Day Dreamer. It took some convincing, but I happily went along with the idea and history was made. This was the first official music video project I have ever taken on, and honestly the only Music Video project that I truly had fun with – I have shot a few more over the years and honestly think I don’t like the medium for telling stories any longer. The funny thing is, at almost 30, I am a disappointment to my 22 year old self, because all I wanted to do in College was shoot Music Videos. I have some friends that are amazing at it, I however know that I am not – outside of this project of course.

Behind The Scenes

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