Working With Highgroove

I feel like this project was a turning point for my career. And in fact, this project led to so much other work that I can safely say that after I was brought on board for this project, that everything changed. Daniel Roberts of Friendly Human is a good friend and was/is the content provider for Highgroove (now merged with Big Nerd Ranch). He hired me as Creative Director of this project and I ultimately worked with him for a year because of the success of this project. He basically provided a blank slate and said “make something awesome” so after kicking a few ideas around, I pitched one idea – this one. They loved it and we put it together. I am thankful for moments like this, because looking back on this project, I can see how things like this have shaped my future and I am appreciative of people like Daniel who want to bring me along for their adventures too.

Behind The Scenes:

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